The iPhone 13 appears to be the least depreciating iPhone ever

According to SellCell research, the iPhone 13 series is witnessing remarkable low levels of depreciation just two months after its launch.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max are two models of the iPhone 13.
According to SellCell’s analysis, the iPhone 13 has the best value retention of any iPhone in the first two months following debut, based on data from 45 buyback sellers. The average depreciation of the iPhone 13 models is merely 25.5 percent. In the same time period following debut, the iPhone 11 range dropped 44.6 percent of its value, while the iPhone 12 lineup lost 41 percent.

The iPhone 13 models depreciated by just 0.6 percent on average during the first and second months after debut, with depreciation of 24.9 percent at the end of month one and 25.5 percent at the end of month two.

Following an initial dip in value after launch, certain iPhone 13 models have even recovered their worth. The 1TB model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max regained 1.4 percent of its value, while the 512GB model regained 1.7 percent and the 128GB model regained 1.8 percent. The iPhone 13 Pro did even better, with the 128GB model earning 2% and the 256GB model gaining 4.6 percent of its initial value.

The iPhone 13 small was the worst performer in the lineup, with the 128GB and 256GB models losing 5% and 7.5 percent of their value, respectively.

Depreciation of the iPhone 13 is two months.
Setbacks such as component shortages, production cuts, and shipment delays, which decreased the availability of the iPhone 13 models and pushed up the price of used devices, may be to blame for the lower rate of depreciation. SellCell predicts that unless Apple can fully meet demand for iPhone 13 models, there will be still further value recovery through the end of 2021.

According to reports, the iPhone 14 is unlikely to profit from such exceptional elements to slow down its rate of depreciation after debut, making this the slowest depreciation trend in a long time.




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