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Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Triumph of Death (detail), c. 1562, Museo del Prado, Madrid

The pandemic has had an impact on so many aspects of our lives, and its impact on art cannot be overlooked. Many artists confined to their homes are unavoidably producing works that directly address this problem, or that the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic will be expressed in their future works indirectly.

Many historical and popular paintings, at least in their slightly altered or quote-attached versions, are widely circulated on social media for both parody and acknowledgment. These amusing works are quickly gaining popularity. During the Last Supper, there’s the “Mona Lisa” wearing a mask, or Jesus Christ dining alone…

Black History Month, according to Barack Obama, is about “taking an unvarnished look at the past so we can build a better future.” In theory, artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine should be able to do exactly that by analyzing data from the past in order to optimize patient outcomes in the future. Experts, on the other hand, have cautioned that AI models can intensify and reproduce systemic racism. How do we make greater use of AI to achieve racial health equity?

According to McCradden and colleagues in The Lancet Digital Health, AI’s true potential lies in exposing existing biases in…

Anyone who owns a Tesla would tell you that they bought it for reasons other than driving. The amount of media publicity Tesla receives for their cars is astounding for a business that invests little money on ads. Tesla is an organization that takes pleasure in defying the car industry’s traditional wisdom. It has advanced solar technologies and begun to rethink how an automotive maker brands itself during the last 17 years.

Tesla’s market cap increased by over 700 percent in 2020, bringing the brand’s valuation to over 800 billion dollars. …

Founded by Apple alum , Apna helps blue and gray-collar workers find jobs & collaborate with employers.

A 22-month-old startup in India that helps millions of blue- and gray-collar employees learn new skills and find work has become the world’s second-youngest unicorn. On Thursday, Apna revealed that it had received $100 million in a round headed by Tiger Global. Apna was valued at $1.1 billion in the new financing, which was dubbed a Series C. Last month, TechCrunch reported that Tiger Global, an existing Apna investor, was in talks to lead a $100 million financing round at a unicorn value.

New investment platforms let the general public invest in valuable art, just like buying stock shares.

For nearly a century, art investment funds have existed. Masterworks, on the other hand, has given an ancient tradition a new spin by allowing users to buy shares of specific artworks in $20 increments. Investors can then sell their shares on a simple secondary market or wait for Masterworks to sell the item and earn pro-rata proceeds.

It’s important to understand how art investment funds have traditionally functioned and whether experts believe it’s a suitable investment for people considering buying art only for investment…

According to MBLM’s recent research, the main brands that individuals in the United States feel most personally attached to are Apple, Amazon, and Disney.

The data for the report came from a poll of 3,000 US consumers performed in the summer of 2021. The researchers polled people to determine the strength of their emotional links with 100 well-known companies. The Brand Intimacy Quotient was then allocated to each brand on a scale of one to one hundred.

Following Amazon are Disney, Target, YouTube, Toyota, Walmart, Costco, Harley-Davidson, and Google:

Women are most closely associated with Apple and Amazon, while men…

Great resumes and great stories have more in common than you think

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.

I’ve been at Google for over 4 years and I remember the challenging it was to create a thoughtful and effective resume when I was applying. There are a lot of opinions out there around which design is best, what colors to use/not use, and so many other tips/pointers/hacks/suggestions. I found it a little overwhelming, and I procrastinated on actually typing the damn thing because I was so focused on finding the perfect format. I hope…

Autonomous Driving is one of the most exciting applications of AI and robotics that is available to the general public today. It will alter our perceptions of cities, highways, parking, commuting, leisure, and ownership, as well as create new types of jobs as the business models develop. When it comes to business models, infrastructure, technology direction, and development, there are many unanswered questions. As Tesla explores options to license their self driving capabilities, there are a number of ways we could see this technology offered to the automobile and other industries.

Value Chain Supported by an Operating System

Operating systems…

Would you consider your time on TikTok to be “time well spent”?

That’s what TikTok wanted to know with a new poll performed in collaboration with Kantar among more than 7,000 TikTok users across the world.

The findings reveal that TikTok users are increasingly enjoying and connecting with one another through the app.

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